Shahrzad Restaurant

Isfahan's Shahrzad Restaurant was founded in 1346 with the efforts of Abdul Rahim Foroustani after 2 years of executive procedures in Isfahan. Mr. Ebrahimian's comments were used in the construction and completion of Shahrzad's restaurant. Professors such as the late Chaichi, Rashtian, and Maratian have exhibited their valuable art in this restaurant and have left a lasting impression on their art, which has made Shahrzad not only an agent but also an exhibition of Iranian art. Count it. The founder of Shahrzad Restaurant has put the customer-centric and quality-oriented restaurant on the line and has been trying to continue his style. All the efforts of the restaurant authorities have been and will continue to be maintained by the use of modern day equipment and facilities of the old style of Shahrzad and be regarded as a symbol of ancient Iranian and Isfahan culture.

Some of the facilities of Shahrzad Restaurant are as follows:

The main lounge of the restaurant, which normally welcomes guests Restaurant No 5, which can accommodate up to 120 people for events and parties Offering Iranian and French cuisine Reception from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm Offer food to esteemed customers outside the restaurant Ability to transport and deliver food by phone order Offer meals for parties and parties outside the restaurant with facilities

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