Khan Gostar Restaurant

Khan Gostar Jolfa is one of the most famous and fashionable restaurants in Esfahan which serves quality and delicious food in a great atmosphere and environment. The décor of this restaurant is special and lovely as well as the clean and quiet environment and its good geographical location make it a great place for many tourists to come for meals. The restaurant's varied menu caters for every taste, and if you're a vegetarian, the salad menu of Khan Gostar restaurant caters to your needs. Also, Khan Gostar Restaurant is one of the largest restaurants in Isfahan with branches in different parts of the city. One of the branches of this restaurant, which is more popular than the rest of the area because of its texture, is the branch of Jolfa Street and the Armenian settlement of Isfahan. The other two branches of this complex are located in City Center and Sheikh Bahaei Street, which also has its own customers.

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