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Here is where Espad Travel is going to provide you with the most well-known hotels and accommodations in Isfahan, in order to help you decide better of what to choose!

Where to stay in Isfahan?

Where to stay in Isfahan? Through your memorable travel to Iran, you’ll be shocked by the awesome variety of different hotels, this is how it would be possible to consider Iran as a unique destination. It’s really hard to find somewhere which is possessing some traditional boutique houses to be restored and now being used as hotels, while embracing the modern 5 star hotels which are somehow close to the international standards of hotelier industry. Iran is right this destination by embracing a vast number of hotel varied in the category and the types of services.

All Isfahan Hotels

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel is the oldest hotel in Iran. This 300 years old mansion is one of the greatest architectural phenomena of Isfahan.

Ghasre Monshi Hotel

Ghasre Monshi Hotel is one of the few palaces belonged to king Fathali from Qajar dynasty. It has about 100 years old. Ghasr means palace in Persian.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel

Parsian Kowsar Hotel is a five story building, and has 94 double, twin and connected rooms, ordinary suites with all facilities, conference and banquet halls.

Iravani Historic Hotel

Iravani’s Historic House is situated at the heart of the old fabric of the historical city of Isfahan, standing proud next to the very oldest religious edifice of Isfahan known as the Jame Mosque.

Khajou Hotel

Four-star Khajoo hotel is located in the center of Isfahan, near the historical Khajoo Bridge and zayanderood river. The hotel has 6 floors with 114 rooms and 240 bedsو

Setareh Hotel

Setareh Hotel, with calm and pleasant environment is located in the historical part of Isfahan, about 500 meters to Naghsh-e-Jahan square.

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