Ghasr-e Monshi Hotel

The Ghasr-e-Monshi is the remnant of the Qajar dynasty (18 AD). Thus, while providing an unforgettable stay in an Iranian setting, guests enjoy the historic aspect of being one of Fath Ali's homes in Shah Qajar. This hotel is located near the main historical sites of Isfahan. Many Isfahan handmade artworks can be found in stores in this market. There is also a traditional zurkhaneh in this alley. After entering the market, this alley takes you straight to the famous Imam Khomeini Square, which is known as the Naghsh-e-Jahan Square. The square is considered to be the economic center of Isfahan and all the markets are connected to it, and the Imam Mosque and the Aaliqapo Palace and other attractions are of great historical and religious significance. Zayandeh River, a famous river that extends from west to east of Isfahan and crosses the Khaju Bridge, Si O Se Pol bridges and a large park surrounding the river, is 1200 meters from this historic home. The Ghasr-e-Monshi is one of the most important historical monuments because it is considered a registered national heritage of Iran. Therefore, it has been thoroughly renovated under the supervision of Isfahan Cultural Heritage Organization to ensure the preservation of its historical similarities and values. What makes us proud is our attention to our country's culture, history, and authentic and local cuisine. Hotel management has carefully planned the use of qualified staff to host local and international guests by providing the best services, including authentic Iranian and cuisine, including vegetarians. To ensure the convenience of guests, several local tour guides have partnered to help guests visit popular and unfamiliar places. Also working in the hotel are fluent in several languages and are ready to serve guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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West Ghasr Monshi Alley, Neshat str, Isfahan, Iran


+98 31 3131 7044

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