Azam Beryani Restaurant

As a unique and traditional food of Isfahan amongst the people of this city and of course Iran and all the travelers and tourists both domestic and foreign from ancient times had a special place, so far as Isfahan food is known for its famous grill. As the largest and most experienced center for cooking this traditional dish in Isfahan, Azam beryoni started its work in 1295 AH with the help of the late Pahlavi. Ali Akhavan and his grandson Abdul Karim Akhavan in the old bazaar of the new bazaar of Isfahan (beginning of the current Taleghani street). About 70 years after its operation, the site was moved to the government gate in front of the municipality - Jahan Nama alley. Azam is the most famous grill in Isfahan which has 4 branches in the city and if you love traditional food of Isfahan, you will never forget its delectable grill with traditional broth and curd. One branch is near the Sayyid Mosque, the other is near Zayandehrood and Pol Khajoo, a branch adjacent to Chehelsoton Palace and a branch south of Isfahan and Chahar Bagh Bala street. The exact address of the Grand Branches in Isfahan are:

  1. Darvaze Dowlat, beginning at the bottom of the Chahar Bagh.
  2. Sayed Masjid Street, Next to Post Office.
  3. Kamal Ismail Street, next to the gas station.
  4. Chahar Bagh street, Nazar intersection, next to the gas station.

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